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The Story of Twilight Farms

Our farm started in 2001 with the purchase of the land and subsequent construction of our home.In 2006 we constructed our barn and started our Boarding and Transportation Service. One of our first boarders was a 7 months old Arabian Named Zen. Dr. Steve Harris of Midshore Veterinary Center discovered a hock problem that had existed since shortly after his birth, due to improper care of his original owner. We took Zen to New Bolton Center in PA and was told there was not a good prognosis. He had necrotic bone in his hock. But with faith and persistence he came home from New Bolton Center a year and a half later with a clean bill of health, the vets have said he can be raced, ridden, anything he wants. Neither is happening but he does do whatever he wants. He has a barn mate, whose name is Ginger Rodgers a retired show pony with a horseatude. They make a good couple because her ‘tude matches his.

We also have a few chickens/roosters which produce the eggs that are sold, along with a pet pig named Darwin Maxwell. These critters are always a source of entertainment for us and will live their lives in comfort and love. Twilight Farms was named after my first chicken that has unfortunately gone over the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us.

I am offering dog treats that I make myself of wholesome ingredients that have been approved by my long time veterinarian. These treats are named Dolliford's Delights (after my most beloved cat). These were offered to the public in a sandwich/pizza shop in Baltimore MD and was a very popular item at times making more money than the people food in the course of a day. Dolliford's Delights are no longer sold there because of our move here to the farm to fulfill our dream of living somewhere that we could have lots of pets, room for my cat rescue and eventually opening a store to sell my crafts.
I have been creating country style crafts for at least 20 years, selling them via word of mouth. My customers have been suggesting that I open a store to sell my crafts. This website and a small shop were opened December 2010.The store is located on the property of Twilight Farms. If you are ever in the area stop by, browse around the shop and meet the animals on the farm. Email us for directions at twilightfarmsllc@comcast.net. Look forward to meeting you.

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